Spiritualist Beliefs

There are many religions that believe only the body dies, and they have theorized the spirit of a person moves on. Many of them seem to hold the belief that there is a destination for the spirit, and others believe a person’s spirit will be suspended until a particular event occurs. Heaven and hell in the afterlife are a part of many religious doctrines, but only Spiritualists believe the soul continues to grow and interact in the world of the living.

It might not seem that big a difference between religious beliefs, but this is a gap that is fundamental. Christian beliefs hold that people will be assigned to either heaven or hell due to their performance during their lifetime, and that they are severed from the world of the living. The lack of interaction can lead people to think there will be little or no changes in their loved ones when they join them after death.

The Jewish faith is holds completely different beliefs about the afterlife, and their supposition is that it will only begin when the Messiah comes again. It can be likened to sleep as to what occurs to the soul after their body dies, and it will not be animated again until it is time for everyone to be reanimated. Their belief system would also lead a person to understand there would be no growth or interaction with the soul of the dead person and their living counterparts.

For those who hold reincarnation as part of their religious system, the soul does not really hesitate long in any afterlife. It is reborn into another body on earth, so there is no reason or need for interaction between the living and the dead. The soul will not grow during this transition, and it should remain more or less the same as it transfers across the divide between life and death.