Religion and Death


The Concept of Heaven

One of the largest religions currently being practiced is Christianity, and they are the ones who believe in life immediately after death. Their belief is...


The Promise of Rebirth

There are religions such as Buddhism where being reborn is part of their main belief system, and it has long been historically part of their...


Spiritualist Beliefs

There are many religions that believe only the body dies, and they have theorized the spirit of a person moves on. Many of them seem...


A Look at Resurrection

The Christian religion has Jesus as a figure representing resurrection, but it is those who are part of the Jewish faith that actually believe in...

There are many people who become uncomfortable when discussing death, and it is generally because they think of their own mortality. The physical presence of a person is very real, and they have only the promise of their religion to tell them there could be more than one life. There are many different schools of thought on how people might come back to life after their physical body has perished, but it is still an uncomfortable realization that they will not exist forever.

Religion and death are closely related subjects, and it could be possible that the origin of religion is tied closely to man’s wish to avoid death. The permanence of it can be shocking to some, and others find it simply a sad thought that they will never be with their loved ones ever again. The ways religions bring an end to the thought of a permanent death are many, and they include reincarnation, resurrection, and the promise of heaven or hell.